5th Street Improvements and Rosenbalm Fountain

Architect: OJB Landscape Architecture
Contractor: Beck Group
Project Budget: $5.8M

The second phase of the campus landscape masterplan, the project addressed 11 acres of the pedestrian and event heavy 5th street and incorporated a monumental fountain. 5th street improvements included removal of existing road paving and sidewalks, replacement of existing below ground utilities servicing adjacent facilities, installation of new infrastructures, re-grading, traffic rated concrete promenade and landscaping. Heavy coordination with pedestrian traffic patterns and utility shutdowns on an active campus.

Rosenbalm Fountain created a centerpiece at the heart of campus that features customizable jets and lighting scenes. The fountain contains below grade vault with pump equipment and 13,700 gallon water storage tank. It contains a 20 foot diameter basin bowl, decorated with Lake Superior Green granite and contains 10 jets with the central jet capable of a 30 foot high spray.